08 Октября 2014


Evgenia Dubinskaya

CEO, main investor


Responsible for strategic management and development of the holding. Charisma, business obsession, commitment and managerial skills of Evgenia motivate the team to the active development, dedication and achievement of ever new results. Also, Ms. Dubinskaya actively works to attract foreign investment into promising projects for the development of Ukraine and is known as a portfolio investor on the IT start-ups market.



Artem Gorkun

CEO, LLC 'Ukrainian Mobile Technologies'


Assumed the position of the Genearal Director of LLC 'UMT' in October 2013. Responsible for issues related to the development and implementation of the company development strategy, approval of investment and financial decisions, and the development and evaluation of key personnel. Prior to joining of the Holding, Artem worked for large international IT and consulting companies.

Viktor Kompaneyets

The Technical Director of BBG (CTO), joined the holding in July 2013


Mr. Kompaneets is In charge of monitoring and introduction of advanced technologies and innovations that contribute to the active innovative development of the holding. He is also involved in the active development of the partner network with IT start-ups based on a rich and diverse experience of past projects in the area of ​​technical, media, information and investment trends in music, semiconductor, microprocessor, military, aerospace, television, investment and banking sectors.


Igor Sinichenko

Legal Director of BBG, joined the holding in August 2012


Mr.Sinichenko is responsible for the legal policy of the Holding, legal compliance check, the development of all strategic legal documentation, the analysis of the entire contractual activity within the company, as well as for claims settlement. A vast experience in the field helps Igor to create a favorable legal environment for the development.

​​Антон Кумановский

Anton Kumanovskiy

The Head of BBG Property Management Unit, joined the Holding in September 2011.


Mr. Kumanovskiy Manages real estate of the BBG Holding (administers the state of buildings, facilities, construction and assets) regarding both rented and customer-owned commercial real estate.